Affordable, Simple To Understand Storage

Our storage rates are highly competitive - and unlike our competitors, we don't charge a minimum monthly fee.

We calculate storage charges daily, and bill monthly - with "set and forget" payments straight from your cash balance or linked bank account.

Physical Pool

Rumple Pool storage is a metal account denominated in troy ounces, with no regard for the underlying physical form that it is stored in. You may trade by the ounce or by value. All of our Pool sales are backed with actual physical metal stored at the depository – it is not unallocated, or “paper” metal. We use a combination of bulk bars (e.g. 1000oz silver bars, 1kg gold bars), or excess coin and bar inventory, to ensure that all sales are backed by physically vaulted metal.

Your metal account cannot be shipped to you without first redeeming for specific bars or coins. You will only be charged the premium difference between current metal account prices and the actual item for redemption, plus any shipping charges. You can also redeem your metal account for bars or coins to be moved to Physical Allocated storage.

The metal backing Pool storage is customer owned metal, and is not an asset of Rumple Inc. Individual bars and coins will not be attributable as being owned by any specific customer, however transactions will record the date and time at which a specific weight of metal was assigned to that customer.

Physical Allocated

Rumple Allocated is straightforward - every single customer purchase is backed with a corresponding physical bar or coin on a one-to-one basis.

Non-uniquely marked products such as coins or small bars are stored in a vaulted stockpile of the same item. For example, if you purchase 100 American Silver Eagles, we will store a box of 500 American Silver Eagles, of which you will own 100 coins. Other customers, or Rumple, may own some or all of the other 400 coins. If you later elect to have your coins shipped to you, we will either withdraw coins from this stockpile and ship to you, or ship fresh coins to you, whichever is the most sensible for vault logistics.

Serialized metal such as 1000oz silver bars or 1kg gold bars are uniquely numbered by the refiner or mint. Such items are exclusively available to verified customers. Customers who purchase serialized metal will have the serial number recorded in our serialized bar register, and these serial numbers will be visible in your portfolio holdings. If you purchase a 1kg gold bar with serial 01234, the exact same bar will be available to you at any time in the future should you wish to have it shipped.

The advantage of Allocated is that you own a guaranteed quantity of the specific coins or bars that you may wish to take delivery of in the future. Every single Allocated customer would be able to receive their stored items at the same time if there was ever a "bank run" on physical - we back every sale on a one-to-one physical basis, and can simply ship your holdings. Our customers' holdings will be independently audited annually against storage status reports provided by the depository.

We recommend Allocated storage for customers who wish to store coins and bars for eventual delivery, or who wish to have serialized items individually assigned in their name.

The coins and bars held in Allocated storage are customer owned, and are not an asset of Rumple Inc. Individual anonymous bars and coins will not be attributable as being owned by any specific customer, however transactions will record the date and time at which a specific quantity of coins or bars identified by a SKU was assigned to that customer in order to fulfill a transaction. Individual serialized bars are attributable as being owned by a specific customer.

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