Buy It Your Way

Rumple's simple catalog offerings make your choices easy, with metal account or physical bullion.

We've deliberately kept our catalog simple with only the most popular, globally recognised items to choose from.

Don't fall for spruiker hype and overpay for collectibles when you just want to invest in metal.

Metal Account

Our lowest premiums - buy and sell physical pool metal by the ounce or by value. Buy an ounce of gold, or $50 worth.

Our Pool product is fully backed by a physical pool of metal, stored in a Class 3 depository here in the United States. The primary backing for this product are large bars such as 1000oz silver bars or 1kg gold bars. We only source new bars that are manufactured by refiners or mints with LBMA Good Delivery or COMEX Deliverable accreditation. We may also use excess coin and bar inventory for backing, such as American Gold or Silver Eagles that are not allocated to any other client.

As all pool holdings are backed by real physical metal, we charge low monthly storage fees. Pool metal can only be bought or sold on the Rumple platform - it cannot be shipped unless redeemed for a specific product.

Trade by the Ounce

Pool metal can be traded by the ounce, with tight buy/sell spreads, 24 hours a day.

Trade by Value (coming soon!)

Pool metal can also be traded by value, where you buy or sell a specific dollar amount rather than a whole ounce. For example, you can buy or sell $100 of gold pool, and your transactions will be recorded in thousandths of an ounce.

Coins & Bars

A back to basics range of bullion coins and bars chosen for their global recognition and liquidity. We service the retail investor community, not a collector market.

Rumple has selected a narrow range of the most popular gold and silver investment coins and bars for direct investing. We have chosen only the most liquid products that allow us to offer competitive spreads comparable to any online bullion dealer. No grades, no slabs, no limited editions - just a straightforward selection of the most globally traded bullion products, such as:

  • American Gold & Silver Eagles
  • Canadian Maples (coming soon!)
  • Australian Kangaroos (coming soon!)

We ONLY sell products supplied directly from mints or refiners that have never left the depository's chain of custody, ensuring authenticity.

Store or Ship

All coins and bars purchased are placed into direct storage at the depository. You can store your purchases with us indefinitely for low monthly fees. Coins and bars can be shipped directly to you from your portfolio holdings at any time on request, fully insured.

Rumple will only buy back coins and bars from your storage account - we do not buy back products that have left the depository's chain of custody.

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