As Easy As 1, 2, 3... 4!

We could have cheated and made it three steps, but this is clearer.

1. Create An Account

Signing up takes just a few moments. After creating an account, simply fill out your personal profile and address.

2. Link Bank Account

Use your own online banking credentials to link your US checking or savings account as a funding source.

3. Transfer Funds

Transfer funds from your linked bank account using the Rumple website - funds are generally available within a few days.

4. Start Trading

As soon as your funds are clear, start buying and selling! You can unlock higher trading limits by uploading your ID.

Now You're Ready!

As soon as funds are cleared into your account, you can start buying and selling! You can deposit up to $3000 immediately without having to verify your identity. Our "Know Your Customer" process for anti-money laundering purposes could not be simpler - if you would like to deposit more, simply upload a picture of a valid identification document such as a drivers license right from your phone camera. We'll review it ASAP, and increase your limits.

Unlike some other platforms, there are no commissions or confusing fees for trades - just simple, transparent buy & sell spreads. Each month, we will bill you for any metal you have in storage with us, with NO minimum monthly charge.

You can sell back your metal and withdraw funds, or request metal to be shipped to you, at any time. Our shipping fees are competitive, and your delivery is insured.

Currently Rumple is only available to US residents or citizens who have a US personal bank account. At this time non-US persons or minors cannot open an account with us.

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