Our Fee Schedule

Everything you need to know about our fees. If it's not on this page, we don't charge it.


We charge market rates for our product buy and sell prices that may change in response to market conditions. All of our buy and sell prices are listed in the Prices section of the Rumple platform.

There are NO additional commissions, fees or charges for a buy or sell trade other than the listed price.



Our annual storage rates are straightforward. Calculated daily, billed monthly. We do NOT charge a minimum monthly fee.

When comparing rates between providers, be sure that you are comparing the same thing - some platforms advertise monthly instead of annual rates to make them appear lower. Our rates are annual rates.

We use the daily spot price to calculate the metal value of your holdings, and apply the annual rate. If the spot price stayed the same every day, $10,000 of gold would cost $15 a year to store in Allocated storage.

Most storage offerings have a $5, $10, even $15 minimum monthly storage fee, regardless of how little you have in storage. We will only ever charge you the actual calculated value of the storage provided. A single 1oz Gold Eagle worth $1900 would cost less than $3 a year to store in Allocated storage. A $10 minimum monthly fee charged elsewhere would cost you $120 for storing the same coin!

Shipping (coming soon!)

We are still working with our partners on the optimal shipping experience for you to take delivery of metal that you have in storage with us at Rumple. It is one of our highest business priorities.

When it is ready for use, we will notify all customers via email. Our shipping program will allow anything you have stored in Allocated storage to be shipped to a shipping address of your choice. You will be able to ship anything from as little as one coin to your entire portfolio.

Some states may require sales tax to be collected on certain items if they are shipped to that state. This will need to be paid before shipping, and this will be indicated before you commit to shipping.

Our shipping program will be very cost-competitive with other precious metal dealers, secure, and insured.


Deposits are always free.

Withdrawals of $1000 or more are free.

Withdrawals under $1000 have a $3 processing fee.

Dishonored deposit requests have a $20 processing fee. Your own bank may charge you additional fees for a dishonored deposit request.

Other Fees

We do not charge an account opening or closing fees.

We do not charge statement fees.

We do not charge account maintenance fees.

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