About Us

Rumple Inc is based in Florida, in the United States. We are 100% American owned and operated.

We personally started out as precious metal investors in the early 2000s. In 2009, we founded Silver Stackers, a popular online forum for investors and collectors. In 2011, we cofounded a national bullion dealer based in Australia, which quickly grew to become a successful award winning business, still in operation today.

Since moving back to the US, we have been busy developing the Rumple platform. We want to address the biggest pain point a bullion investor may not even know they have - liquidity. A decade's worth of observations of the retail bullion market has created a vision of simplified, liquid precious metals ownership with a modern mobile trading experience, moving away from the traditional eCommerce paradigm, integrating the latest in fintech advances. Buying and selling physical precious metals should be as simple as placing a stock trade - without the need to resort to using an ETF or an offshore service.

Our proprietary trading platform has been developed in-house, with data security our number one design principle. We don't trust our customer data - YOUR data - to budget open source platforms or plugins - we've built an enterprise quality platform using robust technology, coupled with modern cloud security practices and a dose of good old fashioned risk aversity.

Expect the Rumple experience to evolve as we move forward - we're launching with what we consider a "minimum lovable product", but we're going to continue to release exciting new features and improvements regularly!

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